Access Panels

Panel Styles

All our Access Panels are available in a variety of styles including:

Flush Panel

Description: Flush Panel with Electro-Gal (EG) door, bevelled edge frame. Prime etch finish with choice of budget, square key or key lock.

Trowel Up Frame with EG Door

Description: Trowel Up Frame with EG door, Prime etch finish with choice of Budget or Key lock. Trowel Up Frame with MDF Door

Description: Trowel Up Frame with Primed MR MDF door, Prime etch frame with choice of Touch latch or Square key lock.


300mm 310mm
350mm* 360mm*
450mm 460mm
530mm 540mm
600mm 610mm

*Standard Access Panel Range Only
Other Access Panels include our Acoustic and Fire-Rated Access Panels.

Panel Range

Access panels are ideal to access wires, valves, cables, conduits or roof cavities. Perfect for water valves, telephone and computer cabling, security installations and home theatre installations. They can be installed during the construction of the building or as an after-market solution.

Standard Access Panels

Standard access panels are available in all three styles and can be fitted with locks for extra security and safety.

Acoustic Rw 30 Access Panels

The Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) indicates the level of sound reduction.

1hr & 2hr Fire Rated Panels

We supply access panels which are fire rated for 1 and 2 hours. The thermal properties and insulation of these panels have been tested to meet and exceed the time ratings listed.