Altro Cavity Sliders

Altro Cavity Sliders are distinguished by their vast range of finishes and options. Our Cavity Sliders are made to suit 64mm, 76mm and 90mm stud wall thicknesses with just about any finish detail including flush set, shadow line and architrave.

Altro Cavity Sliders range consists of the Euro 64 designed for 64mm steel stud walls, the Euro 76 designed for 76mm steel stud wall and the Euro Cav Ultima which is our flagship model designed for 90/92mm wall thicknesses and large heavy doors. Our latest additions in our cavity slider range being the Euro 64 and Euro 76 still enjoy the vast range of finishes of the Euro Cav Ultima; however, they are only available for 2040mm high doors and up to 920mm in width for the Euro 64 and up to 2340mm high for the Euro 76.

The Euro Cavity Slider range is robust and is made from high tensile alloy for increased rigidity and strength and is noted for its unique features such as concealed carrier plate system and invisible “T” guides which makes it the obvious choice when specifying cavity sliders for projects that require a contemporary finish.

Altro EuroCav White Paper Download Link -Altro EuroCav White Paper

The key features of Altro Cavity Sliders are:
> Incorporates a precision, robust ball bearing carriage system, fully concealed providing minimal detail
> Focuses on elegant clean sharp lines
> High load bearing capacity
> Available with timber, aluminium or frameless glass doors
> Head track available in powder coat or clear anodise finish
> Choice of square set, architrave or shadow line finish

> Door cannot derail from track

The advantages of using Altro Cavity Sliders are:
> Space saving design
> Quick to install
> Short lead times
> No pelmets
> Custom made to suit your needs
> Concealed carriage design

> invisible “snap on” T guides

Create that much needed extra space by installing Altro Cavity Sliders and enjoy the range of finishing options and door solutions such as the DN80 VD concealed frameless glass door and the new Altro 38mm glazed aluminium door system.

Altro Cavity Sliders are designed for 35-40mm thick door leaves, however, 35mm is preferable. If 40mm doors are being used, Altro Building Systems must be consulted prior to fitting doors with flush pulls and door locks. Some flush pulls and locks are not suitable for use with 40mm doors in the Euro Cav system.


Optional quick release carriage system available for Euro Cav Ultima cavity sliding doors. New innovation from Switzerland.