Altro Cavity Sliders

Cavity sliding doors offer a modern and stylish solution to small living spaces. The hinge door can often obstruct small areas where space is vital, with a CS cavity slider you can arrange your living space to utilise important areas in both home and commercial use. Sliding cavity doors are also ideal in wide spaces needing compartmentalising. The team at Altro Cavity Sliders are experts in installing cavity units in commercial venues where wide areas need to be converted as office stations or cubicles. We can turn any simple structure into a practical and elegant office, especially if the cavity unit is made of an exquisite etched glass panel. 

Altro Cavity Sliders provides genuine and affordable cavity door units.
Altro Cavity Sliders Door Features

> Available in timber, aluminium, and frameless glass doors
> Despite frequent use, the cavity sliding door will not derail
Cavity sliders create a minimalist and modern look
Our cavity sliders utilize a robust ball bearing carriage system
Cavity units are in concealed housing providing a clean finish
Head track is available in powder coat or clear anodize finish
Choice of finishes: square set, architrave, and shadow line
Sliding cavity doors have a high load bearing capacity perfect for external doors

The advantages of cavity sliding doors is that there is very little room required to open the door. The carriage mechanism is also secure, since it cannot be lifted out or derailed from the track,
Apart from the space saving and safety aspects of cavity sliding doors, they are also quick to install compared to hinged doors.

Cavity sliders are commonly found in apartments, hotels, stores, office entrances and room dividers. Room dividing cavity sliders can either be single leaf doors or broken up into double and triple stacking cavity sliders which require less cavity space to house the doors when in the open position.

Full height to ceiling cavity sliders are becoming very common with the new zero clearance carriage systems now available. They enable the door to be within 5mm from the ceiling giving a seamless transition through living areas. The Altro EKU zero clearance cavity sliding carriage system has the unique feature of being laterally adjusted which is ideal for full height to ceiling cavity sliders. This enables the installer to manage the adjustment of the door from the end of the door rather than the top achieving the smallest gap possible from the top of the door to the ceiling. Installation and removal of the door can be done easily with a laterally adjustable carriages. 

A soft closing mechanism can be retro fitted to the Altro EKU sliding door carriage. This innovative feature prevents cavity sliding doors from being slammed, providing a much more gentle manner to address the process of door closing. A great example of this is the Altro Swiss soft closer, when incorporated with Euro Cav, it is likened to the way a high-end super cars doors close. No matter how hard the door panel is slammed, it will always slow the door down and gently stop on the closed door position.

Finish Types
 With cavity sliding doors, there are three main finishes to consider. This depends on your personal preference.

1) Square set;  Clean simple lines, this finish is typically found in contemporary homes.
2) Architrave;   With timber architraves, it accents the borders of the opening.
3) Shadowline;  The 10mm shadowline creates depth and character whilst maintaining clean solid lines. The most sought after finish for upmarket modern homes.


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Altro Cavity Sliders value for money

We guarantee quick and easy cavity door installation, with short lead times. You will not see pelmets, and our jobs are custom made to suit your needs. Altro Cavity Sliders’ products include a wide range of finishing options to suit your preferences.


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Cavity Slider Door Production Description

All Altro Cavity sliders are made with thickness and wall finishing details to suit client requirements. We provide a wide range of options and finishes that will distinguish any setting. Call us for a quote on 1300 367 480


Wall finishing options

  • Flush Set
  • Shadow Line
  • Architrave


Euro Cavity Sliders

The Euro Cavity Slider is a robust range of sliding cavity doors made from a high tensile alloy. The Euro Cavity’s rigid and strong cavity slider has a unique concealed carrier plate system and invisible “T” guides which makes for a modern sliding cavity door.


We consider the Euro Cavity Slider the best choice for projects that desire a contemporary finish.


Cavity door Euro 64 

  • Wide range of sliding door finishes
  • Deigned for 64mm steel stud walls
  • Available for 2040mm high and 920mm wide cavity slider door


Cavity door Euro 76

  • Wide range of sliding door finishes
  • Deigned for 76mm steel stud walls
  • Available for 2040mm high and 920mm wide cavity slider door


Euro Cav Ultima

  • flagship sliding door model
  • designed for 90/92mm walls
  • Allows large, heavy doors



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