The Euro Cav – Swiss Soft Close System is a versatile Cavity/Pocket Sliding Door System with uncompromising Swiss Quality; with certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and endurance* tested in accordance with DIN-EN 15706 and EN 1527.

The Euro Cav with the Swiss Soft Close mechanism prevents doors from being slammed, providing a much gentler manner to address the process of door closing. No matter how hard the door panel is slammed, the mechanism will always slow the door down and gently stop on either open or close door position.

The Euro Cav – Swiss Soft Close System with the Architrave Finish create an overall framework for any room. This system can accommodate any size and shape architrave; allowing architects and builders alike to match the framing and skirting of the room. 

Architraves not only have a functional purpose by hiding the gap between the wall lining, door jamb or window frame; Architraves can also serve as a great decorative element adding a finishing touch to a room. Choose sleek lines for a contemporary feel or go decorative for a more elegant look.

If Architraves is not your style, check out the Square Set Finish or the highly praised and sought after Shadowline Finish.

*An endurance test can consist of up to 100,000 sliding door opening and closing movements, assuming that a sliding door is operated 10 times per day, this represents a service live of some 27 years.


  • Incorporates a precision, robust ball bearing carriage system that is fully concealed providing minimal detail

  • Focuses on elegant clean sharp lines which guarantee the ultimate choice for contemporary fitout

  • Environmentally friendly due to high percentage of aluminium recycled in the building industry

  • High load bearing capacity making it deal for large doors

  • Eliminates the need for architraves

  • Choice of square set, architrave or shadow line finish

  • Head track available in white powder coat or anodize finish

  • Available for 76mm, 90mm and 92mm stud thicknesses

  • Aluminium doors can be supplied as a fully manufactured product

  • Option of glass clamp carriage system for frameless glass doors


  • Space saving design

  • Quick to install

  • Short lead times

  • No pelmets

  • Option of timber, aluminium or frameless glass doors

  • Custom made to suit your needs

  • Unique concealed carriage system

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