EuroJamb Square Set

For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporty flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail. Euro Jamb does just that!

Euro Jamb is a split-type jamb manufactured from cold rolled steel with a patened profile to produce a strong and secure assembly. The jamb comes with perforated sides for flush joints giving the doorway a clean line look.


  • Easy to install

  • Requires no special maintenance

  • The jamb is a split-type and comes in two sections that fit neatly together and provides adjustability in wall thickness

  • The system is complemented by a range of hardware to suit different applications


  • Clean lines

  • The completed jamb is flush finished

  • Can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixing

  • Simple clean lines around the door face

  • The incorporation of reinforced edges overcome the continual damage door jambs are subject to by normal everyday use